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5. This small act can have a positive impact on the way people catch their fish around the world. Bigger fisheries rely more on big ships and big nets to catch a huge amount of fish at once. It’s such a shame that the abundant fish numbers underwater drop rapidly while it takes long for the species to reproduce. Crystal is a seasoned writer and researcher with over 10 years of experience. Choose to eat seafood that was harvested with the lowest possible environmental impact. People follow the money in this industry, so eliminating these subsidies will discourage overfishing in high-risk areas. There are very few monitoring systems in place that guarantee fishing activities are not excessive. Thus, the intensity of overfishing by the fishing industries could gradually reduce. Under fishing rights, fishermen's interests are tied to the long-term health of a fishery. WHY? (Read more: Plants in the Coral Reef). Less people will work in the fishing industries that have no concern for sustainable fishing. Mandatory Vaccinations For a Virus With 99% Recovery Rate? That’s why these additional solutions to overfishing are also worth considering. Knowing what fish is okay or not okay to eat can contribute as a solution to the problem of overfishing. What solutions for a more effective management of resources? Over Fishing, Problems and Solutions Essay Sample Over fishing is a serious job that the universe faces today. Over fishing is a serious problem that the world faces today. The oceans are among our biggest resource for life on earth, and also our biggest dumping grounds. The fishing industries will also be discouraged to fish for certain fish if nobody is going to buy it. The use of antibiotics can cause drug resistant bacteria to develop which can spread to wild populations. As a result of, urbanization is created by people and can be solved again by people. The nets contain a lot of fish inside and also other species that might not be meant to be fished. Don’t Fall For This…. Solutions to fishing problems in Canada To stop overfishing, it should be implemented that a portion of targeted fish stock should be completely protected from fishing. Many illegally caught fish comes from the result of overfishing because people keep asking for it. But, there are a few key tried-and-tested solutions to overfishing that have been successfully implemented around the world. In this modern age, there are numerous social medias that are free for us to use. Some aquaculture productions rely on prophylactic antibiotics to prevent infections. When a fishery is continually assessed and catching limits are scientifically determined, then the total number of fish that are caught will not negatively affect the region. This in turn will force the fishing industries to be more sustainable because if they won’t then their products will not be accepted into retailers. Fortunately, the problem of overfishing is not without realistic solutions. Whether their particular species is stable, threatened or endangered. NYS Bar Passes Mandatory COVID-19 Recommendation With NO Exemptions! Some factors which may be important in the cetacean–trawl interaction include the target fish species, time of day, tow duration, level of tow, size of net opening, haul back speed and gear design. Through GPS tracking, strict weight limits, and video monitoring, along with strong fine schedules, it would become economically impossible to cheat the system. As the demand for seafood has increased, technology has made it possible to grow food in coastal marine waters and the open ocean. If fishermen focus more on prey fish rather than the predators then overfishing should become less of a threat for everyone. Not even Aristotle was able to explain this conundrum. Another common disease is sea lice. Over Fishing, Problems And Solutions. The fishing industries can restraint themselves by always monitoring the allowed amount of fish that can be caught. Bring reusable grocery bags and take-out containers, make an effort to buy produce that’s not packaged in plastic, and use your voice and vote to advocate for government policies that recognize … The effects of overfishing are still at a point where they are reversible. The trick is to scale these solutions up to a global scale, encouraging countries that have originally been resistant to helping and get them onboard, and supporting countries that don’t have the means to update their fishing policies themselves. Know What You Eat. That’s why researchers at UC Santa Barbara’s Bren School of Environmental Science & Management have launched a new initiative, the Environmental Market Solutions Lab (emLab). By joining such organisation, you contribute to the enforcement of a more sustainable fishing industries. (Read: Types of Ocean Storms), Another solution for overfishing is by catching fish that are in the lower part of the food web. Director Christopher Costello describes the emLab as a “think-and-do tank” that will develop market-based solutions to address urgent environmental problems. 13. But there are some interesting solutions, including a … Whenever possible limit your use and purchase of single use plastics. It ends up depleting a lot of the fish population. (Find more: Types of Sea Lions). The primary solution to overfishing is to stop fishing affected fisheries immediately, although with the food demands of the world, this isn’t always a possibility. When the fish population is reduced to a point where it is difficult for them to recover then the ocean could fall into a big disaster. When the demand of fish goes low then the need to fish could be reduced. 1. (Read:   Prevention of Marine Pollution), Instead of exhausting efforts to fish in the wild ocean, farming fish could serve as a way to avoid overfishing. Non-profit organisations such as Greenpeace or WWF have compiled a seafood guide for most of the countries in the world. FISHERIES PROBLEMS AND POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS 5.1 How To Determine Levels of Sustainable Fishing Using Fish Population Models. Fly fishing is no lengthier considered difficult to learn or costly to participate in. This is why the waters should be monitored as to prevent illegal fishing. With sea food consumption at an all time high and the oceans resources being fished almost to extinction. With sea food consumption at an all time high and the oceans resources being fished almost to extinction. This problem only gets worse as we continue fishing down the food web in search of commercially viable catch. Fish is not the only source of protein out there. The seafood guide will help … When fish are packaged for consumers, labels could be placed on them to show their status. Solutions Canada's fishing industry is in decrease due to the rise of many other industries HERE ARE SOME WAYS WE CAN INCREASE THE PROFIT IN THE FISHING INDUSTRY: - Overfishing is a huge factor in why our fishing economy has crashed over the years and this problem needs to be addressed. What makes them different is the method of catching fish. 2. Fish that are in the lower food web are bigger in numbers than the predators. The fish that are in high demands are those on top of the food web such as tuna and salmon. The areas could include those with vulnerable reefs, sea floor or other key habitats. The primary solution to overfishing is to stop fishing affected fisheries immediately, although with the food demands of the world, this isn’t always a possibility. Each year, there is around 30% of unreported fishing. New Medical Study Shows Unvaccinated Healthier Than Vaccinated! There are two … 15. Implementing regulation concerning where retailers get their seafood from can discourage overfishing even more. Forced Vaccinations Are Being Proposed! Some of them have seen 90% reductions in available marine life. To make as much money as possible, it’s not uncommon for fishing vessels to spend more than a year at sea, fishing continuously, without supervision; some vessels spend as much as 525 straight days at sea, … This is becoming an increasingly big problem, as are the solutions often used for these diseases. Knowing what fish is okay or not okay to eat can contribute as a solution to the problem of overfishing. Some problems, such as unemployment cannot be solved in a fair way unless globalization is abolished, while other problems, such as the exploitation of workers can be solved without interfering with social security or globalization. The ideal solution would be to cut subsidies themselves; however because fishing plays such an important role in country's economies and food supplies, this is simply not realistic. Illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing can take place without concern for the environment or the strict regulations on fishing quotas. Warning! This regulation will help the fishing industries to fish in a sustainable way where they won’t harm the population number of the fish in the ocean. By supporting smaller fisheries, we can get more local fishermen to get involved in a more sustainable and safe way to fish. Patriots On Guard. Moreover, this is a way that could also help in preventing illegal fishing.

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