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The Mandaean places of worship, being designed only for the priests and their assistants (the worshippers remaining in the forecourt), are excessively small, and very simply furnished; two windows, a door that opens towards the south so that those who enter have their faces turned towards the pole star, a few boards in the corner, and a gabled roof complete the whole structure; there is neither altar nor decoration of any kind. Thus the structure of an old thickened root approximates to that of an old thickened stem, and so far as the vascular tissue is concerned can often only be distinguished from the latter by the position and orientation of the primary xylems. Finally, there is the hypothesis that marsupials are the descendants of placentals, in which case, as was suggested by its discoverer, the placenta of the bandicoots would be a true vestigial structure. London, 1868; W. Judd that this structure may be due to mechanical stresses. A larger and more brightly coloured species, C. spinoides, inhabits the Himalayas, but the siskin has many other relatives belonging to the New World, and in them serious modifications of structure, especially in the form of the bill, occur. - The sentence structure, however, is… the Ascomycetes, Rust Fungi, &c., the same structure obtains so far as all essential details are concerned. There are remains of a Moorish fort on the hill commanding the town; and the north gateway - the Puerta del Colegio - is a fine lofty arch, surmounted by an emblematic statue and the city arms. It was well over quarter mile in length. The oesophagus is often furnished with glandular diverticula, the "glands of Morren," which are often of complex structure through the folding of their walls. They derive this moisture from the air by means of aerial roots, developed from the stem and bearing an outer spongy structure, or velamen, consisting of empty cells kept open by spiral thickenings in the wall; this sponge-like tissue absorbs dew and rain and condenses the moisture of the air and passes it on to the internal tissues. Ea c h cordylus is a tentacle-like structure with an endodermal axis containing an axial cavity which may be continuous with the ring-canal, or may be partially occluded. History and Bibliography.The study of plant anatomy was begun in the middle of the seventeenth century as a direct result of the construction of microscopes, with which a clear view of the structure of plant tissues could be obtained. Except for interjections ("ouch! CK 643277 This molecule has a crystalline structure. Demands and withdrawal in newlyweds : Elaborating on the social structure hypothesis. - Limulus agrees with Scorpio not only in having a pair of central eyes and also lateral eyes, but in the microscopic structure of those organs, which differs in the central and lateral eyes respectively. Insect metamorphosis may be briefly described as phenomena of development characterized by abrupt changes of appearance and of structure, occurring during the period subsequent to embryonic development and antecedent to the reproductive state. The female has a small pouch. she asked, taking in the underground structure. In the roots of some palms and orchids a polystelic structure obtains. When used correctly, short sentences add impact and can focus the reader’s attention. The nephridia are like those of the Oligochaeta in general structure; that is to say, they consist of drain-pipe cells which are placed end to end and are perforated by their duct. The Lymexylonidae, a small family of this group, characterized by its slender, undifferentiated feelers and feet, is believed by Lameere to comprise the most primitive of all living beetles, and Sharp lays stress on the undeveloped structure of the tribe generally. A complex sentence contains a subordinate clause and an independent clause. Sentence structure. The conclusions enunciated by Cuvier and Von Baer have been confirmed in principle by all subsequent research into the structure of animals and plants. 3. The ommatidium (soft structure beneath the lens-unit of a compound eye) is very simple in both Scorpio and Limulus. These worms lay cocoons like the Oligochaeta and leeches, and where they depart from the structure of the Oligochaeta agree with that of leeches. 23 sentence examples: 1. A complex sentence contains a subordinate clause and an independent clause. Another type of incipient crystallization which is excessively common in obsidian is spherulites, or small rounded bodies which have a radiating fibrous structure. They do not represent the opinions of The structure, it is true, was not permanent. (see worksheet example) Time: 60mins. If this were the case, it would advance the earliest known stone structure at the monument by some 500 years. Sentence Examples. As Dean neared the structure, a figure emerged from the building. - Diagrams of the development and adult structure of one of the paired central eyes of a scorpion. Yet, in order to determine the difference of structure in their organs of voice, Cuvier, as he says in his Legons (iv. The Buen, as everyone referred to it, was located in a hundred year old structure previously known as the Scott-Humphries Building, which had remained vacant for over twenty-five years. Alloa Park, the seat of the earl of Mar and Kellie, is in the immediate vicinity, and in its grounds stand the ruins of Alloa Tower, an ancient structure 89 ft. For not only has the weight been more than quadrupled in some of the larger breeds, and the structure of the skull and other parts of the skeleton greatly altered, but the proportionate size of the brain has been reduced and the colour and texture of the fur altered in a remarkable manner. It is nearly always a neat structure composed of fine twigs, roots or bents, and lined with wool or hair. The most important difference which exists between the structure of Limulus and that of Scorpio is found in the hinder region of the alimentary canal. Let’s go over the full structure of a Korean sentence. These nations will play a substantial role in shaping this new English, as they bring grammatical structure, idioms, and nuanced words from their native tongue. Getting sentence structure right, is crucial in being able to communicate what you're trying to say in writing. It includes noticing, guided and freer practice. Becket is an irregular structure, dating from the reign of Henry VI., but frequently restored. in his memoir on Amphioxus, Berlin, 1844) in the way of making out its complete structure than the ablest of his contemporaries or successors could do with a plethora. Examples of composite structure in a sentence, how to use it. However, it contains only one independent clause. Many instances of exaggerated and apparently unnatural structure nevertheless occur, as in the case of the genera Pangonia, Nemestrina, Achias, Diopsis and the family Celyphidae, .and, as might be expected, it is chiefly in tropical species that these peculiarities are found. Examples of sentence structure in a sentence, how to use it. It is astonishing how many good observers it requires to dissect and draw and record over and over again the structure of an animal before an approximately correct account of it is obtained. The subject refers to the person, place or thing which the sentence is about. Some authorities hold that Peruvian civilization had no connexion with the north and was an entirely indigenous product, but Kechua is in structure not unlike the agglutinative languages of central and northern Asia. 682093 The structure isn't safe. The appendages show various types of form and structure corresponding to different functions. It was not until the 19th century that the microscope, thus early applied by Leeuwenhoek, Malpighi, Hook and Swammerdam to the study of animal structure, was perfected as an instrument, and accomplished for zoology its final and most important service. Demands and withdrawal in newlyweds : Elaborating on the social structure hypothesis. ; On the Structure and Reproduction of Cystopus candidus, Ann. Thus comparative anatomy came into existence as a branch of inquiry apart from zoology, and it was only in the latter part of the 19th century that the limitation of the word " zoology " to a knowledge of animals which expressly excludes the consideration of their internal structure was rejected by the general consent of those concerned in the progress of science. We need to structure the blocks so that they are stable and not swaying back and forth. In 1894 and 1895, Fischer, in a remarkable series of papers on the influence of molecular structure upon the action of the enzyme, showed that various species of yeast behave very differently towards solutions of sugars. Subject (Yo) + verb (recibí) + object (un perro) As you can see, both the English and Spanish affirmative sentences have the same structure. Besides the types forming this series, there are a number of others (Medulloseae and allied forms) which show numerous, often very complex, types of stelar structure, in some cases polystelic, whose origin and relationship with the simpler and better known types is frequently obscure. The structure of the stele of the primary Fin. The church of the Holy Ghost (Helgeands-Kyrka) in a late Romanesque style (c. 1250) is a remarkable structure with a nave of two storeys. In specialized biting insects, such as beetles (Coleo C ptera), the labium tends to become a hard transverse plate bearing the pair of palps, a median structure - known as the ligula - formed of the conjoined laciniae, and a pair of small rounded processes - the reduced galeae - often called the " paraglossae," a term better avoided since it has been applied also to the maxillulae of Aptera, entirety different structures. When solid caoutchouc is strongly heated it breaks down, without change in its ultimate composition, into a number of simpler liquid hydrocarbons of the terpene class (dipentene, di-isoprene, isoprene, &c.), of which one, isoprene (C5H8), is of simpler structure than oil of turpentine (C 10 H 16), from which it can also be obtained by the action of an intense heat. As the design was somewhat complicated, the slightest jar made the structure fall. without revealing any entirely new types of structure. x.; The Cell Structure of the Cyanophyceae, Proc. A flower has quite a complicated structure. 2. Eyes often present and comparatively complicated in structure. An account of the structure of plants naturally begins with the cell which is the proximate unit of organic structure. 32. They accurately described the construction of DNA as a double helix and showed how its structure made replication both possible and reliable. cit.) We have spoken of the absence of structural differentiation in the sense organs. low coasts, subdividing each group according as the coast-line runs parallel to or crosses the line of strike of the mountains, or is not related to mountain structure. composite structure in a sentence | Sentence examples by Cambridge Dictionary. Basic Sentence Structure. , We need to structure the blocks so that they are stable and not swaying back and forth. They are true Pectinibranchia which have taken to a pelagic life, and the peculiarities of structure which they exhibit are strictly adaptations consequent upon their changed mode of life. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. In that world some structure was still being erected and did not fall, something was still stretching out, and the candle with its red halo was still burning, and the same shirtlike sphinx lay near the door; but besides all this something creaked, there was a whiff of fresh air, and a new white sphinx appeared, standing at the door. The superiority of animals to plants and metals in the possession of special organs of sense is connected with the greater complexity and heterogeneity of their structure. Sometimes a complete internal vascular cylinder, having the same structure as the primary one, and concentric with it, occurs in the pith, and others may appear, internal to the first (Matonia, Saccoloma). He’s working hard while earning lots of money. The structure was just under seventy feet long and about twelve feet high; said to be the height designed to accommodate a wagon fully loaded with hay. These sentences and expressions are the most useful in French. 2. Sentence Structure 1: Simple, compound, complex & complex compound [new 2020] This lesson is to support students in their understanding and practice of the four types of sentence structures: simple, compound, complex and complex-compound. 2. The whole structure is composed of red and grey Verona marble. In general structure they approach the Phanerogams with which they form collectively the Vascular Plants as contrasted with the Cellular PlantsThallophyta and Bryophyta. The cathedral, a beautiful church, was consecrated in 1084, but of this early building only foundation walls remain; the present structure of brick was begun in 1215, and enlarged and restored at various later dates. The observation of the gradations of structure, from extreme simplicity to very great complexity, presented by living things, and of the relation of these graduated forms to one another. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Mary did not go to the party. Cladonema still has the typical medusan structure, and is able to swim about, but in Clavatella the umbrella is so much reduced that swimming is no longer possible. Remember that the subject is optional! The outer layer of an internal organ or body structure, as These modifications are associated with the structure and habits of insects and their visits to the flowers. Since the most common Spanish sentence structure is subject + verb + object, we will base the negative sentence formula on that same structure: Subject + NO + verb + object. Spencer, " A new Family of Hydroidea (Clathrozoon), together with a description of the Structure of a new Species of Plumularia," Trans. Structures of Sentences. Instead, vary your sentence structure by using a combination of short, medium and long sentences. Every word in a sentence serves a specific purpose within the structure of that particular sentence. For it is almost impossible to prove that any structure, however rudimentary, is useless - that is to say, that it plays no part whatever in the economy; and, if it is in the slightest degree useful, there is no reason why, on the hypothesis of direct creation, it should not have been created. Sentence Structure 1: Simple, compound, complex & complex compound [new 2020] This lesson is to support students in their understanding and practice of the four types of sentence structures: simple, compound, complex and complex-compound. 19. The two first of these three are handsome suspension bridges; the third, an iron structure, replaced a wooden bridge of many arches which was closed in 1881, after standing a little over a century. In Velella the pneumatophore becomes of complex structure and sends air-tubes, lined by a chitin and resembling tracheae, down into the compact coenosarc, thus evidently serving a respiratory as well as a hydrostatic function. lviii., 184; Macleod, " Recherches sur la structure et la signification de 1 appareil respiratoire des Arachnides," Arch. The following are some features you may notice while reading. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. 231+20 sentence examples: 1. In some Leptomedusae the gonads are formed on the radial canals and form protruding masses resembling sporosacs superficially, but not in structure. I eat pad thai. But the dean and chapter objected to the absence of a structural choir, nave and aisles, and wished to follow the medieval cathedral arrangement. Subject + Noun (이다 to be) The Korean verb “이다” (i-da) means “to be”, which serves like an English “be”-verb in a subject+noun sentence. Smith he obtained his degree. This latter order, which is not certainly known to have existed before Tertiary times, has become the most highly specialized of all insects in the structure of the pupa. Subject + Noun (이다 to be) The Korean verb “이다” (i-da) means “to be”, which serves like an English “be”-verb in a subject+noun sentence. In fact, you’ll get a natural feel for them if you learn high-frequency phrases. The properties of caoutchouc clearly show, however, that its actual molecular structure is considerably more complex than is represented by the empirical formula, and that it is to be regarded as the polymer of a terpene or similar hydrocarbon and composed of a cluster of at least ten or twenty molecules of the formula C5H8. erikspen 252649 I studied the structure of Ainu families. This is also called an independent clause. The children needed structure and direction in their lives. HTML documents are not viewable from within the cgi-bin directory structure. Compound Sentences with “structuring” A compound sentence with “structuring” contains at least two independent clauses. Additional evidence as to the structure of the molecule was discussed by Avogadro in 1811, and by Ampere in 1814. with the adoption of simple rules as a first attempt at representing a compound, he availed himself of other data in order to gain further information as to the structure of compounds. Sentence Examples. The text structure is sound but certain sentences could be improved. The classification into epithelial organs, connective tissues, and the more specialized muscle and nerve, was largely due to him; and he proved the presence of neuroglia in the brain and spinal cord, discovered crystalline haematoidine, and made out the structure of the umbilical cord. This structure is commonly used to build sentences in the English language and is abbreviated “SVO.” Sentences written with a different word order often seem confusing or backwards. The coenosarc does not differ in structure from that already described in colonial Hydrozoa. Structural. Let’s see some different types of basic Korean sentence structures. The classic colors red, gold and green adorn the outside of this ornate structure. The ringed structure of benzene, C 6 H 61 was first suggested in 1865 by August Kekule, who represented the molecule by six CH groups placed at the six angles of a regular hexagon, the sides of which denoted the valencies saturated by adjacent carbon atoms, the fourth valencies of each carbon atom being represented as saturated along alternate sides. Alexander Butlerow named the " structure theory," and contributed much to the development of the subject. In grammar, there are hundreds of constructions governing the patterns of word-formation (morphology), sentence structure, and sentence sequence (syntax). The first actual work, however, was not begun till 1870, when the construction of an iron structure on a single row of columns was undertaken. It was fully recognized by its followers that the dominating influence in the structure and working of the body was the protoplasm, and the division of labor which it exhibited, with the accompanying or resulting differentiation into various tissues, was the special subject of investigation. The leading idea of Cuvier, his four embranchemens, was confirmed by the Russo-German naturalist Von Baer (1792-1876), who adopted Cuvier's divisions, speaking of them as the peripheric, the longitudinal, the massive, and the vertebrate types of structure. This open chain structure is challenged in the views put forward by T. Lowry and Armstrong represent these compounds by the following spatial formulae which postulate a y-oxidic structure, and 5 asymmetric carbon atoms, i.e. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Science and technology are tools that continually change social structures and behaviors. St. Thomas the Apostle Church was a scrubbed-white structure looking like a New England calendar except for its city loca­tion. When it cools it becomes hard, but if before it is quite cold we plunge it into cold water a very perfect perlitic structure will arise in it. Subject – Verb – Object. In other words, the whole mental structure we call knowledge consists, in its simplest equally with its most complex constituents, of the "work of the mind.". The changes have been found to be made up of two sets of processes: histolysis, by which the whole or part of a structure disappears: and histogenesis, or the formation of the new structure. (For details the reader is referred to Watase (11) and to Lankester and Bourne (5).) The main body structure was delphinidin and cyanidin. Owing to the connexion of medicine with these seats of learning, it was natural that the study of the structure and functions of the human body and of the animals nearest to man should take root there; the spirit of inquiry which now for the first time became general showed itself in the anatomical schools of the Italian universities of the 16th century, and spread fifty years later to Oxford. In other cases the root structure of the stele continues up to the cotyledonary node, though the hypocotyl is still to be distinguished from the primary root by the character of its epidermis. Ursus in 370-390, which had a nave and four aisles, was destroyed in 1734-44, only the (inaccessible) crypt and the round campanile remaining from the earlier structure; there are fragments of reliefs from a pulpit erected by Archbishop Agnellus (556-569) in the interior. The body structure uses an aluminum space frame made of extruded sections and die - cast aluminum members. They have, however, been attended with wonderful results, and have revolutionized the whole study of vegetable structure. In Limulus (figs. I will begin by describing the structure of the school system in the Republic of Ireland. He’s working hard while earning lots of money. We have seen how its utilization in the " structure theory " permitted great clarification, and attempts were not wanting for the deduction of analogies or a periodicity between elements. We have nothing structural which corresponds to the former of these. When you are using conjunctions with parallel structures, you would have to join multiple nouns and verbs.Whenever you see conjunction in the sentence, ensure that you need to use a parallel structure. General Structure and Differentiation of the Vegetable Cell. Scientists believe that vestigial structures are the remains of organs that were well-developed in ancestors of present-day organisms. - Diagrams to show the structure of Nematocysts and their mode of working. ", "The structure of all languages," he says, "is grounded upon common sense.". These two independent clauses can be combined with a comma and a … The minute globular bodies have occasionally a sub-pearly lustre, and glassy rocks which possess this structure have been called perlites (q.v.). The state capitol, an imposing structure built on a bluff above the river, was built in1838-1842and enlarged in 1887-1888; it was first occupied in 1840 by the legislature, which previously had met (after 1837) in the county court house. "Where is everyone?" The text structure is sound but certain sentences could be improved. In the above sentence, you can see that the conjunction “and” is used … Differences connected with the mode of supply of nutritive material do exist, but they are mainly correlated with the structure of the organisms, which makes the method of absorption different.

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