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Click here. Buy Stucco Marmorino. Venetian plaster is a wall and ceiling finish consisting of plaster mixed with marble dust, applied with a spatula or trowel in thin, multiple layers, which are then burnished to create a smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture. ... Venetian Plaster Massimo was great, he delivered exactly what I asked for. Toronto Faux Finishes Painting solutions from Executive Touch Painters have the ability to transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Venetian Plaster appeared a long time ago, it was used by the ancient Romans.In Italian, this is called Veneziano stucco. Posted by Mas Construction - Painter in Toronto July 31, 2020 Posted in Venetian plaster Tags: toronto house painter, toronto painter, Venetian plaster, venetian plaster service, venetian plaster toronto. There are no external differences in these finishes compared to natural marble or other material, and it is much easier to handle. Verre Eglomise. It is recommended that a site sample be applied by the craftsman who will complete the job to assess the product, colour, technique and finishing waxes and sealers. All. Sponsored Results. Venetian Plaster Manchester. Painting apartment buildings and condos in Toronto is a big industry. Venetian Plaster Design; Discover More; Elegant Finishes. Venetian plaster, decorative finishes, custom furniture, eco-friendly material, natural products, smart lighting, art, music, and atmosphere. Price. Our Toronto painters offer only the finest in Venetian plaster and painting services. It can be colored in a wide range of colors. You can generate this effect on the walls of your home with some skill, although you can also resort to false stucco. He repaired a previous painter's botched job at Venetian Plaster. Multiple layers are built up during the process to create a unique, stunning visual to any space. Lynteriors specializes in redecorating, window treatments, lighting design, renovation and how to decorate with home staging in mind. We have the ... Venetian Plaster. Venetian plaster is a modern term that describes an ancient method of applying a stuccoed surface coating for walls. Avian Art Studio. The course is lead by a Master applicato… It's marble dust mixed with plaster and then applied traditionally with a trowel. #208 – 7250 Keele Street Vaughan, Ontario L4K 1Z8 Canada Telephone: 365-885-3698 Email: [email protected]. Venetian plaster (sometimes known as lime plaster) is essentially a putty made from fired limestone or marble dust mixed with water. Its unique look has been very popular in this country for a long time. Each finish is lovingly designed and hand crafted to achieve the perfect finish. The Venetian plaster for ceiling and walls is ideal for those who want to enhance the brightness and special touch in their room of distinction typical of the Venetian, touch of Italian style. We provide all needed Construction Materials like Stucco Wall Finish, Cork Spray etc at lowest prices in Toronto Canada for your home commercial premises. Suzanne Pratt is a decorative artist and the owner of Venetian Studios — a unique and innovative decorative paint and plaster finishes studio. It is made with lime putty (calcium hydroxide, Ca (OH)2) and is used for interior and exterior wall decorations. Venetian Plaster Toronto is a sister company of Designer Wall Finishes making us in-house team of Artisans and Interior Design Specialists providing: Venetian plaster application + Colour Consultation + 3D design + decorative finishing + home staging + residential design + commercial design A sunburst installation above the hearth conceals the entertainment centre. Sort: Recommended. Venetian plaster is a simple technique which involves the application of a semi-translucent tint that often contains powdered marble as its key ingredient. Venetian plaster techniques include marmorino, scagliola, and sgraffito. Venetian Lime Plaster Muji Richmond | April 20, 2019 Muji Richmond just had their new grand opening and asked us to install their special wall finish we created for them two years ago, for their store in … In Italian, this is called Veneziano stucco. "Plaster and artistic detail-front foyer main and upper floors Suzanne was exceptional from start to finish, cleaned up her tools and materials daily, kept us informed throughout the job. Adjacent to the foyer, through a set of French doors is the home’s main formal living area: adjoining living and dining rooms. The Venetian Plaster Collection blends traditional artisan craftsmanship with contemporary style to deliver truly distinctive and unique finishes suitable for both resident and commercial settings. Gypsum plaster is another popular variety of plaster. With a full range of unique finishes, from highly textured to highly mirrored, the only limit is your imagination. Her advice on colours and design was valuable in deciding which finish and detail would work for both of us. While installing the plaster isn’t a difficult process, it is a time-consuming process, so making the best color choices the first time saves you time, money and frustration. Our Venetian plastering course in London will demonstrate and teach you the most important techniques of Venetian plastering (also called marble plastering or polished plastering); on this course you will learn how to create a smooth Marmorino, textured (pitted and dragged) Travertino and smooth polished plaster (stucco lustro, stucco lucido, stucco Veneziano) finish on walls and ceilings. Talk to us . It’s then mixed together to make lime plaster. For further information on Stucco Italiano products feel free to give us a call or visit the store. Request a Quote. With our products you can bring these special walls into your own 4 walls. Venetian Marmorino is a type of plaster or stucco. Mauve Venetian plaster adds colour and drama to the formal living area and adjoining dining room. Introducing a NEW line of fine Italian Plaster. LH: Venetian plaster is really a general term that refers to putty made from fired limestone combined with water. Home on Stage…” more. This timeless finish is created by multiple overlapping with a stainless steel trowel, and then burnished to enhance both the light & dark tones of the same color for a marble-like appearance. Luxurious finishes for residential or commercial spaces. Specialist surface design Artisans. Best Venetian Plaster in Toronto, ON. Venetian Plaster vs Gypsum Plaster. Decorative architectural high-end finishes based on aged slaked lime, still obtained following a traditional process. Serving Toronto and Greater Toronto Area, 416-456-0391 Compared to Venetian plaster, gypsum plaster has a more matte and singular finish, which means that it is less customisable. Stucco Italiano Venetian plasters are available from your downtown Toronto paint store, Primetime Paint & Paper. Our expert team can help you get that amazing finish. Venetian Plaster - prepared with lime, marble dust, and pigments. In contrast, Venetian plaster is a lot more versatile. Call Element Painters at (416) 937 2601 today for your commercial & residential painting projects Drywall Installation. Since then it is popular amongst Canadians and House Painter around the world.. It is also more durable than gypsum plaster and can be finished to matte, satin, glossy or earthy finishes. Venetian plaster, decorative paint finishes, faux finish, custom design and stencil. Home Staging, Interior Design. Our highly trained team of professionals are proud to turn traditional drywall into a form of art! A professional painter can use this finish to … Our green wall systems are 100% maintenance free so you can just focus on enjoying your beautiful environment. Find a Venetian Plaster … venetian plaster/duralite This is our original Venetian Plaster from our Smoothrock line that renders the final appearance of a smooth hand-tooled plaster with mid to high sheen. Marmorino is composed of ground marble and slaked lime. Luxurious finishes for residential or commercial spaces. 18 Beau Court “Offering virtual consultations. The first step of a Venetian plaster finish begins with selecting the colors you want your plaster to be when it’s on your wall. Click here. Bring natural elements to your home or office space and arm against noise and air pollutants while inviting a sense of calm into your world. Our products include interior & exterior finishes with different grain sizes and numerous effects from high-gloss to mat, or textured. Venetian Plaster appeared a long time ago, it was used by the ancient Romans. Mirror-smooth, marbled surfaces; Polished to high gloss, very easy to clean; For indoor and outdoor use; To the offer. Venetian plaster is a finish applied to pratically any correctly prepared surface. Murals and painted glass. Venetian Plaster appeared a long time ago, it was used by the ancient Romans. We're delighted that our reputation for artistry and project quality gives us the opportunity to take on many creative projects across Canada and abroad. Venetian Plaster Toronto is a sister company of Designer Wall Finishes making us in-house team of Artisans and Interior Design Specialists providing: Venetian plaster application + Colour Consultation + 3D design + decorative finishing +  home staging + residential design + commercial design, Ottawa (613) 255 – 1512 Toronto (647) 450 -1512, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. As the surface is burnished after application, it develops a finish that has the look of genuine marble. Venetian Plaster can give a room an elegant and natural look and finish. Smooth and cool to the touch, the colours and finished crafted by hand make every wall an individual work of art. Lime has elastic properties, which prevents cracks by contraction and expansion. Buy Stucco Veneziano here. Venetian plaster can be used to create a highly polished, rock-hard, marble-like finish. Inspiring Spaces. ONCE AGAIN OPEN FOR IN STORE SHOPPING Lynteriors. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a unique and "above-the-rest" finish." View Lookbooks ; Living Walls. Venetian Plaster Toronto + Designer Wall Finishes, Specialty Decorative Finishes and Interior Design Services. Taping-Plastering. Hand-crafted in Italy – SurfaceCulture creates luxurious textures from decorative polished marble plastering for floors, walls, ceilings and furniture. Our all-natural green wall systems are customized to fit any space. Marmorino plaster can be finished with multiple techniques for a variety of matt, satin, and glossy final effects. Open Now. We design and build timeless interiors in Ottawa and Toronto with specialty decorative finishes. Venetian Plaster by Dulux is an artisan range of products hand crafted to create a style unique to each piece of work. The Venetian plaster is world famous. It is also waterproof and fungicidal. We bring you back to nature. In Italian, this is called Veneziano stucco. Cork Spray - Looking for cork spray Toronto? We bring you back to nature. Hand-crafted in Italy – SurfaceCulture creates luxurious textures from decorative polished marble plastering for floors, walls, ceilings and furniture.

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